Hand Wash & Hand Soap

It's important to keep hands clean throughout the day but often this can cause dry, sore, and cracked hands from over-washing. That's why our range of hand wash and hand soap contains hydrating and caring ingredients to leave hands feeling cared for and soft after every wash. Browse the selection today and have softer hands tomorrow.

The NIVEA Hand Wash & Hand Soap Range Of Products

 Our hand wash and hand soaps contain a range of different ingredients to give you the care that you need. Our hand wash is also beautifully scented to leave hands not only feeling soft and cared for, but also feeling fresh and energised. 

Discover the hand wash range:

Indulging Moisture Cashmere Soap - this hand wash contains luxurious cashmere extract that helps to protect your skin while washing from becoming dehydrated and dry. It's scented with orchid and provides pH balanced skin to leave skin smelling fabulous and provides noticeably soft and smooth hands after every hand wash.

Indulgent Moisture Honey Hand Wash - this pampering milk handwash protects skin with every hand wash and is pleasantly scented with honey. Milk proteins gently moisturise and replenish skin leaving hands feeling refreshed and soft.

Rich Moisture Soft Hand Wash -  protects hands while washing, and is enriched with the original NIVEA Creme scent. It's a liquid soap containing pro vitamins and oils to care for hands and leave them noticeably soft.

Explore our hand soap:

Creme Care Soap - This hand soap bar is also scented with the original NIVEA Creme scent to leave skin smelling fresh and clean while containing pro vitamins and oils to care for your hands. This could be the best hand wash for you if you prefer soap bars and want skin to feel pampered and cared for.

Creme Soft Soap Bar - This mild hand soap cares for your hands with almond oil which gently foams and cleanses skin to leave them feeling smooth.


Why Is Using Hand Wash So Important?

You can only remove germs and bacteria from your hands if you're ensuring that you're washing them correctly. Hands go through a lot during the day and often you come into contact with lots of different surfaces and lots of different people, particular when you're commuting to work, cooking with raw meats, working in an office and many more. When you come into contact with all these different surfaces and people, germs can collect on your hands. You might then touch your face or mouth and spread these germs to your body where you can develope flu's, and infections. That's why it's important to find a hand wash or hand soap that not only thoroughly cleans your hands, but also cares and restores your skin so that your hands don't become rough, dry and sore. That's why we've worked hard to produce handwash that does both.

Find out how to wash your hands properly with our step by step guide here.