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Discover the best deodorant for you and your skin

Deodorant: reliable protection

Whether from exertion, stress or heat – sweating is a normal reaction with which our body regulates its temperature. However, sweating can also quickly cause unpleasant odours and excessive moisture, especially under the arms. Modern deodorants counteract unpleasant odours and provide a feeling of freshness throughout the day. Antiperspirants, on the other hand, also counteract perspiration itself.

Why you should use deodorant

A product in stick, spray and cream form that prevents body odour is called a deodorant. A common misconception is that sweat itself is what causes body odour, when this is in fact not the case. The smell of body odour comes from when sweat mixes with the bacteria on the skin, usually under the armpits, breasts and intimate areas. Deodorants kill bacteria or keep them from further multiplying. They also mask body odours with a pleasant fragrance. People who perspire very little by nature or who don’t wish to interfere with the amount of perspiration their bodies produce, are advised to choose a deodorant. Even those who consciously choose products free of aluminium salts should choose deodorant, because all the products in the NIVEA range that are called “deodorant” are guaranteed to be free of aluminium salts.

Deodorants and antiperspirants are most effective when used on clean skin. To maintain a well-groomed feeling throughout the day, it is best applied in the morning straight after showering.

A deodorant for all occasions: spray, roll-on or stick

Spray, roll-on or deodorant stick – which is the best deodorant type for you? Many men prefer the classic deodorant spray, while the majority of women find the best deodorant to be roll-on.

A deodorant spray feels particularly fresh. It rests gently on your skin, keeping your armpits essentially dry so you can get dressed almost immediately. The hygienic application and wonderful fresh scent are also some of the pros of using deodorant sprays. To get optimum protection performance, shake your deodorant before use. NIVEA deodorant sprays also come in a practical mini format for freshness on the go! The movable ball in a roll-on deodorant ensures a simple application. Roll-on deodorants are very gentle on the skin so are also suitable for delicate and sensitive armpits.

As an overview, spray deodorants are popular for their hygienic application and the feeling of freshness they provide, deodorant sticks are considered environmentally friendly and deodorant creams have a particularly protective effect.

If you want to be sure to avoid deodorant stains on your clothing, you should opt for deodorants that don’t contain aluminium to avoid the formation of white residues on black clothes or yellowish stains on white fabrics.

Deodorant For Sensitive Skin? Try Natural Deodorant

When it comes to finding the best deodorant for your body, it is important to know if you have sensitive skin and if you prefer a natural deodorant or not. In order to find the right deodorant for sensitive skin, it is important to check the product's components before you use it. We  have deodorants specialised for sensitive skin as it is important to ensure your skin is kept healthy and your sweat is under control. 

More and more people are switching to natural deodorants that include no aluminium and parabens. The reason for the switch to natural deodorants is often caused by the fact that aluminium has been linked to breast cancer, as well as the idea that aluminium unnaturally suppresses perspiration by clogging the pores. This has also been linked to dry skin and rashes in certain sensitive skin types. Therefore it is important to have a look at natural deodorants which work to mask the smell of any body odour. All of the Nivea deodorants however include no aluminium so are safe to use for everyone.