When it comes to trendy hairstyles for men, the 90s could be coming back in. At least in one way, because the man bun is lining up as a possible contender in the race for this year’s hottest hairstyle. Yeah, we’re kind of undecided too, but we’re not here to judge. So whether you’re pro man bun or not, we just want you to know that you better not tie it too tight, because that can cost you hair.


You think your hairstyle is historically unique? Think again. The revival of the hottest hairstyle of 2015 for men, the undercut, took almost seven decades. One competitor in the race for this year’s trendy hairstyle trophy dates back only twenty years, though. And most of us have already rightfully erased that era from our style-consciousness. Does the mid-90s slacker style ring a bell? Loose shirts, choker necklaces and long hair, often tied into a bun? Dude, a bun!
It’s 2016 now and the man bun has come upon us. You don’t know what the man bun looks like? Just imagine long hair wrapped around a doughnut and tied to the back of your head. That’s basically it. There is no denying it’s a trendy hairstyle these days and it might stay with us for a while. Thanks for nothing, history and Jared Leto!


If you are short-haired or bald and you’re hoping women won’t fall for these modern, yet somehow lumbersexual, long-haired dudes of 2016, there may be a silver lining for you. On the other hand, if you’re already sporting a decent mane, then we have an important piece of advice for you to maintain your lusty locks. Either way, we’re talking about cutting your scalp some slack.
Most men can surely relate to the term traction. Do black rubber skid marks on grey tarmac come to your mind? Yeah, we thought so. But we’re pretty sure not many of you associate traction with your hair, right? But if you’re sporting a trendy hairstyle like the man bun, you definitely should. Because a bun tied too tightly exerts a whole lot of stress to your hair or might even result in your hair falling out. Both you and your hair don’t want.
Think, we’re kidding? Well, imagine you are the root of a single hair. Hard workouts, bad weather and genetics won’t do you any harm. Now imagine your better half is the single hair that you, as its root, have kept in place for all these years. But all of a sudden your girl is dragged full-tilt in a particular direction (say, by a clearance sale at her favorite shoe shop). What do you do? You fight to resist the traction, sure, but you’ll give in eventually. Sad but true, we know. And there goes your trendy hairstyle.


To get the facts straight: Hair loss is nothing to worry about per se. On average, we all have around 100,000 single hairs. Losing 70 to 100 of them per day to your pillow, your comb or your girlfriend’s fingers certainly won’t hurt your man bun. Because that hair will re-grow. In fact, that hair falling out just keeps you from looking like Chewbacca.
The problem is, not all lost hair grows back again. This might be for genetic reasons: Statistically, 40 per cent of all men are genetically prone to hair loss. So, if you’re one of them, enjoy your man bun as long as you have it.
But even if you’re part of the lucky 60 per cent, you should take good care of your mane. That includes washing it on a regular basis with the right product, not wearing headgear day-in and day-out (difficult with a man bun, we know) and not exerting too much stress on it. Otherwise you might compromise both your genetic advantage and your trendy hairstyle.


To prevent your trendy man bun from eventually turning into a monk’s tonsure, we have some more tips for you:

  • First of all: Untie your man bun regularly, shake your hair and re-tie it in different, loose styles. Your hair roots will appreciate a little variety over the day. 
  • When shampooing, don’t rub your scalp as if polishing a bowling ball. Massage it gently instead. And by the way: Use a mild shampoo that doesn’t irritate your scalp. NIVEA Men shampoos are a good idea. 
  • When showering, apply warm and cold water to your scalp in turns. This stimulates the blood circulation and thus strengthens your hair roots. 
  • Comb your wet or dry hair by starting at the tips and working your way up to the roots in steps. Otherwise it would be like raking your way through a jungle, which is no fun! 
  • Don’t use a traditional hair band (and tell your girlfriend not to, either)! It bends the hair and might eventually break it. Use a spiral one instead or, if your mane is long enough, just tie your hair into a loose knot.

And if all else fails: Ban the bun and get yourself a real man ‘do again. Before it’s too late.