Explore our entire Shower Silk Mousse range, enriched with a combination of luxurious ingredients and fresh scents NIVEA Shower Silk Mousse leaves skin feeling super soft, refreshed and reinvigorated after just one shower.

NIVEA Shower Silk Mousse leaves skin feeling silky soft

Caress your skin with a heavenly combination of silky soft shower mousse and luxurious ingredients such as almond oil and silk extracts designed to leave you smelling great and feeling smooth. Created for everyday use in mind, the feather-light foam gently cleans your body with a pH skin-balanced, dermatological approved formula. The perfect shower mousse whether you're waking up to tackle the day or relaxing after work.

Explore the entire NIVEA Shower Silk Mousse range

The whole shower mousse range will leave your body feeling great. All of them are created with you in mind, whether you want to smell fruity and fresh with our Rhubarb Raspberry or Lemon Meringue scent or go for the classic NIVEA smell with our Smooth, Soft and Care products.