NIVEA Wipes are expert cleansers for fast and effective deep facial cleansing. With our wide range of wipes, there is a cleansing wipe for all skin types and all cleansing needs. Whether to start or end the day feeling fresh, have a quick cleanse on a busy day or to remove tough makeup, NIVEA Wipes have you covered. Discover the NIVEA Wipes range.
Scientifically Formulated for Deep and Effective Facial Cleansing

NIVEA Wipes are expertly formulated to ensure even the deepest layers of dirt are removed from the face, leaving skin with a soft and revitalised feel. The cleansing wipes are gentle on the skin, ensuring skin doesn't become dry or aggravated, whilst leaving a radiant and even look. The NIVEA Daily Essentials 3 in 1 Refreshing Cleansing Wipes are a facial wipe that will not only provide effective cleansing, but also deep hydration for a smooth and gentle feel. The NIVEA Biodegradable Cleansing Wipes  are ideal for those who want that gentle and caring facial cleansing feel, to feel refreshed and revitalised, but who are also short on time.

Facial Cleansing You Can Count On

NIVEA Wipes are ideal for any of your needs; whether you're going on an adventure weekend and need a tough and sturdy wipe, you need a wipe to refresh and recharge skin, or as a face wipe to start and end the day with. For makeup removal, try NIVEA MicellAir Professional Makeup Remover Wipes, tough enough to remove layers at a time, even waterproof mascara.