How Can Q10 Help Reduce The Signs Of Premature Ageing?

Find out how you can add some much-needed vitality back into your skincare routine.

What Causes Premature Ageing?

The skin ageing process is individual to each of us and can be influenced by countless different factors. We know how unpredictable life can be. With all the twists and turns along the way, it is sometimes impossible to keep on top of our skincare routine; not to mention the stresses that can crop up here and there.

Major lifestyle factors of premature ageing include:

  • An unhealthy diet.
  • Smoking can speed up the ageing process as the nicotine in cigarettes causes the blood vessels in your skin to narrow. This prevents the proper blood flow to your skin, and with less blood flow, there is less oxygen which causes the skin to sag and wrinkle prematurely.
  • Too much sun exposure can also reduce skin elasticity.
  • Stress.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption.

These factors can provoke signs of early ageing on your skin, on your face and elsewhere on your body.


Small changes can help prevent the appearance of premature ageing

Using our Q10 products will help fight the appearance of wrinkles and visibly smooth your skin. NIVEA’s Q10 anti-age range also protects your skin from UVA/UVB damage.

Many skin experts divide the skin ageing process into two main categories: intrinsic and extrinsic ageing. Intrinsic ageing refers to ageing which takes place due to genetics, this ageing you have very little control over. If your mum got grey hair when she was in her early thirties, chances are you might! Extrinsic ageing refers to external environmental factors. These factors can be influenced by you – so why not think about making a change now?

Ageing Skin: What is going on beneath the surface?

There are lots of theories around why and how our skin ages. Premature ageing can often be a result of a lack of proper care from the inside out. 

Key changes can happen below the surface, including reduced cellular activity, lower epidermal turn over, less collagen production, and accumulation of damage due to free radicals caused by UV exposure. Free radicals are chemically-reactive substances generated by the body, especially when you’re is exposed to UV radiation. These reactive molecules can cause cell damage and premature ageing.

These changes all happen below the surface, and result in loss in moisture and elasticity of your skin on the surface. These changes also cause the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation changes. NIVEA’s Q10 skincare range can help manage the visible appearance of ageing, suh as reducing the appearance of wrinkles, encourage firmness and helping improve surface skin renewal; giving you something to smile about.

What is ‘Q10’ and how does it work?

Q10 is similar substance to a vitamin, and can be found in every cell of your body.

Your body naturally produces Q10, and your cells use it to produce the energy your body needs for cell growth and maintenance. It also acts as an antioxidant, protecting the body from damage. Q10 also plays a key role in the way our bodies convert food into energy and stops free radicals from damaging cells, which causing skin premature ageing. 

As we age, our body’s own production of Q10 slows down as we age, this is why anti-ageing products such as the NIVEA’s Q10 anti age range is so important.

What Can you do to Combat Signs of Premature Ageing?

Nobody wants to look older than they are. The good news here is that there are things that we can all try and adopt into our daily routine and skincare routine to keep you healthier and happier, and in effect reduce the appearance of premature ageing.

  • A healthy balanced diet
  • Drinking less alcohol
  • Protect your skin for the sun
  • Smoke less, and if you can, quit
  • Getting enough beauty sleep
  • Washing your face twice a day
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Plenty of exercise

Using products from our Q10 skincare range, such as NIVEA Q10Plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream in collaboration with the above lifestyle changes will help your skin feel firm, fresh and tight once again. Feel beautiful on the inside and out!

Why Smiling is so Important for your Skincare Routine

We all get stressed from time to time. Stress is just a part of life, and we will all deal with it at some point. 

When stressed over a long time period, your body releases more stress hormones, which accelerate ageing. When you’re stressed, you’re likely to frown more often. Dealing with stress early on, can keep you from internalising it. Channelling your stress into exercise or speaking to someone who will listen will leave you feeling relieved and give you a reason to smile. 

Research has shown that smiling makes you look three years younger. Simply enjoying life every day will make you look and feel younger and healthier; reducing the likelihood of premature ageing.