Makeup Removers

With make-up removal, it's important to remove all residue and ensure skin is left completely clean. Whether you're after eye makeup remover or makeup wipes NIVEA's make up removers help remove makeup and cleanse the skin. Leaving skin soft, smooth and breathable. Discover the full makeup remover range with NIVEA.
Makeup Remover that is Caring for Skin

Makeup can cause dry skin or cause blemishes to become worse. That is why make-up removal after a big day/night is so important, especially before you head to sleep. NIVEA's makeup removers will not only remove makeup to keep skin clear, but they also help to care for skin. After using your makeup remover, it is important to use a moisturiser to re-hydrate skin. You can find a full range of NIVEA face creams here.

The best eye makeup remover, designed with your skin in mind

The skin around the eyes is extra delicate, which is why you need the best eye makeup remover. Using an eye makeup remover specifically formulated for this sensitive eye area, to help care for the skin. The make-up remover is powerful against mascara, eye shadows and any other eye makeup to ensure the eye area is clean and cared for after makeup use - with 0% residue.

Micellar Water makeup removal

Our innovative Professional Makeup Removal products provide you with the science of the best makeup remover products to provide you with the same tools as a professional makeup artist. With our Micellar Professional Makeup Wipes, in one swift stroke you have the best makeup remover wipes swipe away makeup. With the washes, you can remove makeup and leave skin fresh and smooth.

Makeup wipes

NIVEA's makeup wipes are formulated to remove even long-lasting waterproof makeup, letting your skin breathe. Our wipes are also formulated for different skin types so there's a product for your skin whether you have a oily or dry complexion.