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Convenient multi-taskers

If you’re looking to save time in the morning and cut down on the number of products taking up space on your bathroom shelf, many of the shower products from NIVEA will fit your search. In addition to offering a wide variety of other benefits, such as protecting and moisturizing skin and refreshing the senses, the men’s range of NIVEA shower products are masters at multi-tasking – meaning you can use only one product to deeply clean your body, but can also be used to wash your face and hair. Want more specialized products for your face and hair? No problem. NIVEA also offers a full line of men’s shampoos and facial washes.


Your morning routine

The first thing you probably do in the mornings is jump in the shower, but that shouldn’t be the end of your morning routine. But getting ready in the morning doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complicated. Just hit the necessities to look your best. Steam from your morning shower softens stiff facial hair, so right after showering is the best time for you to lather up and shave. Next, apply an aftershave or balm to keep your skin from drying out and banishing the chances of razor burn. Finally, while your body is still cool and fresh from your shower, put on a deodorant to help it perform at its best. Of course, you can add more to your daily morning routine, but these basic steps will keep you looking and feeling fresh throughout the day.